Why PhiBrows

PhiBrows is an exemplary eyebrow Microblading technique, enabling an Artist to achieve the most natural looking semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Only the top quality PhiBrows tools and pigments are used during the procedure to guarantee color stability and work precision.

A PhiBrows Artist certificate is granted after graduation of the international prestigious Branko Babic Microblading academy – PhiAcademy. The unique PhiBrows technique as well as skin types and conditions, pigmentation, coloristic, and hygiene requirements are studied during a special 6-month course. The course has 11 levels, which can be completed only after student’s work approval by the best PhiBrows Masters to secure the top-quality standard – the PhiBrows standard.

During the procedure:

  • The brow shape is created following an individual face morphology and Phi (1.618) golden ratio. The PhiBrows app is used for the brow symmetry.
  • Pigments are selected according to the skin tone and color of the existing brow hair to achieve the most natural result.
  • Brows are professionally created one hair at a time following the natural hair growth and links.

PhiBrows stand for a perfect brow shape, symmetry, and the most impressive natural brow effect.